Monday, October 4, 2010

I sense a change...

I grew up wanting to become a wrestler, pursuing that, and actually achieving that alongside my legitimately lifelong best friend, Adam Cole. Best friends since the age of 9, went to shows together, when one needed money the other was there, got drunk for the first time together, ran the small town high school... partners in crime - the whole kit and kuboodle with lifelong friends.
Our story continues into our wrestling careers... we're 1-1 after losing my first match in CZW to Adam after a Panama's Sunrise, and I made him tap out one year later at Cage of Death XI to become the inaugural CZW Wired Television Champion. We nearly tasted the CZW World Tag Team Championships, becoming a top team in CZW. I, after losing the Wired Title and becoming sidelined due to a fractured foot in April of this year, got to watch my best friend become the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion - a feat I thought may've been his greatest accomplishment... and maybe his greatest downfall.

Lately I'm seeing a side of my best friend I'm not used to seeing. Arrogance. Disrespect. Unfaithfulness. Not a tremendous amount - but enough for me to notice a change in the man I used to know. I honestly don't what it is... the Junior title? His recent befriending of Mia Yim? Getting signed to Ring of Honor?

In a year that was full of triumphs and failures, I've been broken and beaten, and it may even seem like I may be a little jealous of Adam Cole. Adam - I'm my own man, I'm proud of what I've done and continue to strive for my goals... jealousy's not in my dictionary. What's made you believe that I, or anyone else in the locker room is "jealous" of you? I would like to know that honest answer.

On October 9th, Adam will be defending his Junior Title against AR Fox (whom I must say, I hold an incredible amount of respect for due to his athletiscm). And while I have my own big-match scenario coming up on that night against former CZW World Heavyweight Champion Ruckus...

Adam - I will be watching...

... because I have a terrible feeling this is just the beginning of a new you.

-Veritas out.

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