Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A coward's decision

Just when I thought things were looking up...

Just when I thought I saw a light at the end of this dark, gloomy, and filthy tunnel I've been in for months...

Just when I thought I was one step ahead...

... I fell two steps behind.

Since my return to the Combat Zone, my life has changed drastically. Upon that, I got myself involved in the heated feud between Adam Cole and Sabian. I was dismantled at the hands of Blk Jeez and the returning Joker at "Home Sweet Home", even after successfully winning the 1 In 8 Tournament, guaranteeing a title shot of my choosing and at valid for anytime of my liking. The former World Junior Heavyweight Champion deliberately then disqualified himself in a rematch from "Home Sweet Home" at "Southern Violence", assaulting a referee and building the tension higher. In a hard hitting first round match of the CZW Tag Team Championships Tournament at "A Tangled Web II", which pitted myself and Adam against Philly's Most Wanted, I fell to a Double Stomp-Joker Driver combination. At October's "It's Always Bloody In Philadelphia", I not only was cost a match against CZW star Ruckus by Cole, but was then betrayed by him... my former best friend... a person I have spent more time with than some members of my family... by being slapped in the face.
And now... after "Night of Infamy: Betrayal" - an event rightfully named so - I was pinned by Jonathan Gresham... with Cole's new love affair, Mia Yim, at ringside.

So now, one year after making history at Cage of Death XI by becoming the inaugural CZW Wired Television Champion... which ironically, I defeated the current CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion for... I'm not booked for this year's most Ultraviolent night. This entire year has been plagued by heartbreak and triumph, from being the CZW Wired Champion and being named number 410 in the 2010 PWI 500, to career threatening injuries, defeat, and betrayal. Maybe Cole's right... maybe...


Not for a second should you be thinking I'll bow to you, Cole. Not for a second should you think I'm intimidated by you, your success, your money, or the slut you associate yourself with. If there's ANYTHING you should've learned about me in the past decade is that I don't quit. I don't back down. You think that because I lost a few matches... that because you slapped me in the face and humiliated me... that because you are the man walking around with the World Junior Heavyweight Championship that I'm just gonna walk away? Walk away from someone who told me they were my brother, my kin? From someone who told me that they'd be there as the godfather of my unborn son? From someone who spit on a friendship - a brotherhood - that spans twelve years? From someone who has disgraced a championship held by the likes of Alex Shelley and the late Trent Acid? From someone who has betrayed his fans, family, friends, and co-workers?

Walking away would be the easy way out, a coward's decision. Things are far from over with you Adam... you've unleashed a new side of me, something you've never seen before. And one way or another, all of this will come back to haunt you, and your ways, actions, and motives will ultimately betray you. Because the only man betrayal betrays is himself - you will meet that demise, whether it be by my hand or someone elses. Maybe it'll be AR Fox...

Fox... you and he are set for a rematch from October at Cage of Death XII... he's someone you know you can't beat straight up. And who knows, maybe you'll resort to some cheap shot to retain the Junior Title at COD XII - with your recent history, it wouldn't surprise me if you did. In fact, I'm pretty much banking on it. Regardless if you walk out of Philadelphia on December 11th with or without the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship... one thing's for sure - you and I have unfinished business to attend to.

And I'm not talking about the type of business you see in other types of heated feuds in today's world. This isn't the Democrats vs. the Republicans. It's not the Eagles vs. the Cowboys. It's not even the Axis vs. the Allies.

This is personal.

And in the coming months, I will reassure that you've made the biggest mistake of your life.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


My life has taken an incredibly difficult path in 2010. Injuries. Championships lost. Deaths of friends and loved ones. Preparing to be a father. Battling with drinking. Struggling in college.

And betrayal.

On October 9th at CZW's "It's Always Bloody In Philadelphia", the wrestling world watched as two bright spots in it's realm turned their backs... I speak of Drake Younger and my former best friend and tag team partner, Adam Cole.

Drake - I have no business with you, and at the moment don't care to have any, but I can only imagine what's going through Scotty's head... it is more than likely the same thoughts that bounce around in mine. And I hope he gives you what you've got coming to you.

And as for Adam... this is more than personal. And in not having much to say, I'll leave you with this...

You were a kid I met in third grade who loved wrestling as I did. You grew up in my house when your parents were getting divorced. You were pulled out of debt by me, paying bills you racked up. You were the man who trained next to me in a wrestling mat and eventually, a ring - each day asking me how to build confidence in yourself. You were picked up by me in failure, and we celebrated when amongst triumph. You were my best friend, my brother...

... and you've made the biggest mistake of your life.

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 9th - Ruckus vs. Tyler Veritas

I got a call from CZW owner DJ Hyde last week about the upcoming "It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia" event at The Arena on October 9th. DJ, the man that trained me, let me know that he would like to have me in action, but wasn't quite sure how. So he began naming off some open competitors...

"Nah, I beat him..."


"I've wrestled him like 5 times and the outcome's always the same DJ..."

Finally, I got sick of listening to answers I didn't want to hear.

"Deej, to be completely honest, I want a legit challenge, not be thrown into something."

"Ok Tyler, you proved yourself a worthy competitor against guys like Sabian and Joker. How about another former BLK Out member?"

"Ruckus? Absolutely. Consider it a match."

This Saturday, I'm facing off against Ruckus, a former CZW World Heavyweight, World Junior Heavyweight, World Tag Team, and Best of the Best Champion. This is a guy who, despite us having completely different personalitites, I have the utmost respect for in light of his accomplishments. From WSX to ROH, and the States to Japan, Ruckus has been just about everywhere on the wrestling scene. I may appear severely out matched...

But I've been in the ring with the likes of B-Boy, Sami Callihan, and Jon Moxley and held my own. I was the first CZW Wired Television Champion ever, a feat no one else can say. In only two years in the wrestling business, I was ranked # 410 in this year's PWI 500. I won't sit here and gloat about my accomplishments, that's not my cup of tea. But impossible is nothing, and I know can beat Ruckus. I know that if I get anyone in that Veritap, there's no escape.

So all you fans, come out on October 9th, check out for more info.

... and Ruckus - I hope you're ready. Cause I am.

I sense a change...

I grew up wanting to become a wrestler, pursuing that, and actually achieving that alongside my legitimately lifelong best friend, Adam Cole. Best friends since the age of 9, went to shows together, when one needed money the other was there, got drunk for the first time together, ran the small town high school... partners in crime - the whole kit and kuboodle with lifelong friends.
Our story continues into our wrestling careers... we're 1-1 after losing my first match in CZW to Adam after a Panama's Sunrise, and I made him tap out one year later at Cage of Death XI to become the inaugural CZW Wired Television Champion. We nearly tasted the CZW World Tag Team Championships, becoming a top team in CZW. I, after losing the Wired Title and becoming sidelined due to a fractured foot in April of this year, got to watch my best friend become the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion - a feat I thought may've been his greatest accomplishment... and maybe his greatest downfall.

Lately I'm seeing a side of my best friend I'm not used to seeing. Arrogance. Disrespect. Unfaithfulness. Not a tremendous amount - but enough for me to notice a change in the man I used to know. I honestly don't what it is... the Junior title? His recent befriending of Mia Yim? Getting signed to Ring of Honor?

In a year that was full of triumphs and failures, I've been broken and beaten, and it may even seem like I may be a little jealous of Adam Cole. Adam - I'm my own man, I'm proud of what I've done and continue to strive for my goals... jealousy's not in my dictionary. What's made you believe that I, or anyone else in the locker room is "jealous" of you? I would like to know that honest answer.

On October 9th, Adam will be defending his Junior Title against AR Fox (whom I must say, I hold an incredible amount of respect for due to his athletiscm). And while I have my own big-match scenario coming up on that night against former CZW World Heavyweight Champion Ruckus...

Adam - I will be watching...

... because I have a terrible feeling this is just the beginning of a new you.

-Veritas out.